Levels of Foreign Investment in Residential Property

Poland experienced significant growth in inward property investment when it joined the EU in 2004 and growth in the number of residential properties purchased by foreign investors has continued to grow through to 2010 according to a recent report.

polish residential property

The chart below shows the number of residential properties purchased in Poland by foreign investors during the last few years.

foreign investment in property in Poland

The highest growth was experienced in Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw and areas in the north west of Poland, illustrating that foreign investors don’t just stick to the traditional markets in Warsaw and Krakow.

According to the research from Emmerson S.A. foreigners decide on purchase in Poland primarily because they see it as a good investment, but also for use as holiday home and some come to live in Poland.

Source: Analysis from Emmerson S.A. on the basis of statistics from http://www.mswia.gov.pl