Zielona Polana Wellness Centre

Zielona Polana Wellness Centre is located in the landscaping park on the slope of a hill by the river San in county Podkarpacie in south east Poland.

wellness centre poland

It is great recreational spot for tours to Lviv (100km), Lancut (40km), Krasiczyn (25km), Twierdzy Przemysl (35km), to Petli Bieszczad (70km), Szlak Naftowy, Arboretum in Bolestraszycach…and so on. In 4 km from Zielona Polana Wellbeing Centre there is a horse stud farm in Wybrzeze. The closest town is Dubiecko located 6km from the Wellness Centre.

This facility has great potential for the development of spa and health services and there is no similar facility in the close vicinity. Additional ther are no SPA facilities in the area what strengthens the high profit possibilities.

The Wellness Centre which can accommodate 80 – 90 people at a time, consists of:

  • 2 hotel (social) buildings (hotel rooms with en suite, conference room for 100 guests and restaurant)
  • 5 hunter’s cottages with real fireplaces and central heating,
  • 3 apartment houses (with total of 5 apartments)

Additional features:

  • Open pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Summer Bar
  • Volleyball court
  • Children’s playground
  • Own grass beach with access to the river San for 150 metres
  • Sauna
  • Day room
  • Parking
  • Downhill ride on the winch


Exploitation costs are lowered; because of the existence of own water supply (as well as drinking water) as well as biological, maintenance free sewage treatment plant. There is also own underground LPG tank for 10 000 litres. The Wellness centre has double sided power supply as well as own emergency power generator. Under the Wellbeing Centre the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow has documented resources of mineral geothermal waters which have temperature of 65 degrees Celsjus.

The Wellbeing Centre Zielona Polana has up to date conditions for building another hotel building as well as new kitchen and banqueting room. There are also all documents from Board of Landscaping Parks and Health and Safety Authority which allows for this expansion. The Power Supply Company has also agreed for supply of electricity of higher voltage.

Access to Zielona Polana Wellbeing Centre is possible in two ways; first to village S?onne – where the parking is and walk through the bridge (this way is recommended for large vehicles and coaches who do not to go through mountain roads), or after the bridge on the river Sanin Dynów through Paw?okoma and Dyl?gowa directly to the Centre (this way although covered in tarmac is recommended to drivers who are experienced in driving the curved, mountain roads).

At the moment there are European Union Projects taking place in this area and there is high possibility of getting the full non-refundable funding from EU for whole expansion. Documentation for application takes about 2 months and has to be submitted before 31 Dec 2016, therefore the purchase transaction should be finalised before the end of October 2016, because only the owner (investor) can apply for EU funding.

Price is approx. £1,300,000. Transaction in Polish Zloty approx. 6.5 million PLN, well below valuation level. A local bank has indicated it is willing to offer a mortgage value of up to 10 million PLN.

The Wellbeing Centre is free from any finance and all documentation of the seller and the property is complete.

All documents like business plan for expansion, valuations, detailed forms and decisions, geo-thermal project and so on are available. Please contact us. Thank you.

Please write to jagoda.m.sz@gmail.com or call Poland +48509189738 or UK +447521708033 for information.