Property Search

There a quite a large range of property search destinations on the Polish internet, probably more so than in the UK where the market has become more focused around a few big players.

Classifieds Search

Popular Polish classifieds websites are very popular and include independent listings which are often unavailable from estate agents.

Gratka, over 400,000 results searching for any flat (many will be duplicates).

Anonse, almost 5,000 results searching for a flat. Property Multisearch, results from multiple search sites., property service from Poland’s leading daily newpaper, and, property search portals, good volume of properties.

Property in Poland, listings in English, part of the network.

Property Websites

Poland Direct, Polish property investment specialists, we source the right development projects in all major cities throughout Poland – commission free.

Commercial Property, business portal with commercial property and businesses for sale listings.

Property News

Eurobuild Central and Eastern Europe, construction and property portal.


Mieszkania – Flats
Domy – Houses
Dzialki i grunty – Land
Garaze – Garages
Lokale uzytkowe – Commercial Property

Other Easter European Property, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is also a popular location for Brits purchasing property abroad, in particular because of the relatively low prices and the temperate climate (around 2 degrees C in January), the Black Sea coastal resorts and winter sports locations.

2010 Update, Property Wise Bulgaria reports that prices have dropped significantly down to levels seen in 2007, a buying opportunity perhaps.

Bulgaria Property Links

Expat in Bulgaria offers timely information about Bulgaria and about the regulations and developments affecting the lives of foreigners living in the country or planning to visit. Also includes some good property buying advice which will apply to Poland as well, take some time, investigate your chosen location and market prices carefully and take advice from more than one agent.

Expat Bulgaria Ltd. is a Bulgarian based British real estate agency.

Further information in preparation.